Tuesday, 20 May 2008

My Lil Golfer.

My lil boy all geared up for his golf lesson.

An update on my lil golfer. As always, Timothy is always keen to go for his golf lesson every weekend with daddy. Recently, his previous golf coach, Aaron has resigned and moved to China. Timothy has a new coach again. To be exact, his third one already. *Sigh* Of course, Timothy and I are not very happy with the situation but what can we do, right??!!

Timothy seems to adapt well to the changes so far. I guess he's getting used to the fact that his golf coach doesn't stay put in one place for long. As for the golf coaches, I guess they got to find better prospects for themselves and China seems to be a good market so I heard.

I hope their teaching technics does not diverse very much from one another and Timothy is coping well. As I observed on certain ocassions when I tag along to the club for his one hour lesson, half the time he is fooling around with his coach. The other half, he'll be hitting some balls, chipping and putting.

His coach will play a silly lil game with him sometimes. They'll compete and challenge one another. And of course, the coach got to give him a handicap la and pretend to miss on certain putts. They will giggle themselves silly from the far distance.

I specifically informed his golf coach that my main aim for Timothy to learn golf is to have fun as well and I'm very glad my boy seems to doing that. *smile*

Proud mummy with his lil golfer.




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Saturday, 17 May 2008

My Dear Old Friend.

I was so happy to meet my dear friend Amy from Hong Kong the other night. We have been good friends for more than a decade (make us sound so old, huh??!!) and we have ever since stayed in-touch from time to time despite the far distance and busy separate lives through emails and sometimes our lil trip to visit one another.

We had both gone a long way from being single to happily married and fulfilling mothers now. We had a good time catching up at the lounge in Ritz Carlton Hotel KL, unfortunately her stay was a short one.

It was so wonderful of her to make time to see me in spite of her very short busy business trip. I wish the time would drag a bit longer while we were hanging out that night but nevertheless it was indeed good to see my dear friend in person again. Perhaps, my next meeting with her and her family will be in Hong Kong soon. *wink*

With my beautiful friend Amy. A great wonderful mother of 2 - an intelligent and charming pair of a boy and gal. A dedicated wife and daughter. A career minded woman. A woman who juggles her work, family and social life in perfect balance. My role model and I have nothing but praises for her.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Mother's Day.

I would like to wish all mothers A Happy Mother's Day! Have a great day with your family.

A beautiful card from my boy. He did this in school.

This is how I looked like in Timothy's eyes. Short hair, big red lips, super long eyelashes and dangling earrings. hahaha. I love the patterns at the sides too.

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Tuesday, 6 May 2008


I went for a lil short trip to Bangkok. An awesome 3 days 2 nights trip with 3 of my other good friends.

We stayed at Somerset, Park Suanplu Bangkok. Our main aim to Bangkok was just to 'makan-makan' and shop. Nothing else!! Ha!

We discovered some magnificent restaurants through friends recommendation and had the best Thai food ever. Superbly delicious!!! 'Must-go' places for my shopping spree was to Siam Paragon, Emporium and Gaysorn. I got what I wanted and as I mentioned, my favourite purchase was my 'bling- bling' shoe amongst the rest of goodies I've bought. *wink*

Daddy commented that luckily it was a short trip or else he will be bankcrupt in no time. :P I had lotsa fun with my friends. Good food, good company and good retail theraphy. What more can I ask for!!??

Here are some pictures I took randomly with my buddies:-

With Ai Ling having snacks and drinks in Another Hound Restaurant (1st Floor, Siam Paragon) They served the best lil pieces of fried chicken. Yummy!!

Ai Ling and Ben posing away while having a scrumptious dinner in Ruen-Mallika Restaurant in Sukhumvit 22. Best authentic Thai cuisine I've ever tasted. *thumbs up*

With Ai Ling and Toto in a restaurant nearby our hotel. The food was nothing to shout about as we had tasted the best previous night.

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

My New 'Bling-Bling' Shoe.

Christian Louboutin Pigalle 70

Honestly speaking, these photos doesn't do justice to my latest super gorgeous, multi-coloured glitter pair of Christian Louboutin. It's so sparkly and fabulous as I look at it now compared to the pictures. The real thing simply takes my breath away!!! Ahhhhhhh. *sigh*

I've always admired Louboutine's work of art and I'm so glad I, now own a pair.

What makes Christian Louboutine's shoes so amazing is that each shoe has the trademark glossy bright red leather soles. Also, each shoe is carefully hand-made with precision.

This pair caught my eyes when I walked into On Peddar, Gaysorn, Bangkok ( shall blog abt my Bangkok trip in the next post *wink*) and I chose this low heels but yet sexy pair for at once when I wore it, it felt like it was specially made for me. Comfortable and glamorous at the same time.

I feel like dancing the night away everytime I slip them on. Get the music going and my Louboutin is capable of transforming me into a 'dancing queen'. *laugh*

Multi-colour glitter.

Trademark red sole.

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Friday, 25 April 2008


A lil packet arrived and I knew it was for Timothy. Daddy told me he is gonna surprise him with a Mystic Force Power Ranger costume which he had ordered couple of weeks ago from Costume Craze in Utah, US and it will probably arrive any day of the week.

I waited for Timothy to come back from school. I hid the box in the guest room. He took his shower while I transfered the box to the hall. He was jumping for joy when he saw the box. Confidently, he knew it was a gift for him.

He was so happy and proud to add another piece to his costume collection. He thanked his daddy over the phone and he was extremely happy through out the day. Or shall I say he was a happy green ranger the whole day la. *laugh*

"I think I know what is inside! It must be a costume coz I told daddy I want one."

"See!! I told you so. Daddy knows I like green ranger."

"Wahhh...mummyyy!!! It is so nice. I like it soooo much."

"I wanna try it on....I want to wear it nowwwwwwwww."

"I am a green power ranger mystic force!!" He then proceed to sing the theme song and started showing off his kung-fu moves with his own sound effects.

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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Sharks...Sharks and more Sharks.

What else but sharks again. Timothy's art teacher, Uncle Giant is truly amaze with my 5+ year old boy fascination/obsession with sharks. He told me that Timothy refused to draw anything other than sharks.

Uncle Giant is wonderful enough to allow him to draw his favourite sea creature everytime and create a theme based upon it. As long as my boy is a happy camper in art class. *wink*

Under Water World. He drew himself wearing a green pants, daddy in a green shirt and daddy's friends in the tunnel while watching the sharks having an eating frenzy.

Scuba Diving. Daddy is the scuba diver. Swimming with the sharks. He has a weapon to protect himself just in case the sharks attack. My son really has a wild imagination!

Tuesday, 22 April 2008


Bella Skin Care

The other day, I attended a function in Banquet Bangsar Village2. Organised by Bella whereby my friend is the latest spokewoman.

It was such a fun evening. Met a few of my good friends which I've not seen for ages cos I've been pretty lazy to go out socialising. We were full of conversation and the night went by like a snap of a finger.

The dresscode for the night was "a touch of white and a dash of red". I wore a red blouse, white pants and felt very chinese new year-ish. *smile*

Testimonial by Ai Ling.

With sweetie-pie Nicole. Ladies in red.

Mother of 3 Nicole & gorgeous Ai ling.

With talented renowed designer Khoon Hooi.

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